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All of our locations offer packing supplies and special orders. Whether you are moving in Columbus or Toledo, all locations offer supplies from heavy-duty boxes to wardrobe boxes. MVM Moving not only moves your home or office, we sell all the supplies that you need to complete your job. Before you check with the big box stores, check with us. See our price list below and call us at 844-424-MOVE or contact us with any questions or to schedule a supply delivery.

Over the years we have refined our packing supply list to be easy and cost-effective. Some companies offer dozens of different styles and sizes of boxes and packaging for your move, we have found that the supply list below works well for the vast majority of our customers. If you would like something not on the list below, we are happy to special order in supplies specific for your job; please allow 2-3 weeks for special orders. 


EXTRA SMALL BOX 12x12x12 $1.00 This box is great for packing up delicate items like holiday decorations, figurines, crystal, and other small or fragile items
SMALL BOX 16x12x12 $1.50 Small size boxes are commonly used to pack books, dishes, china, small frames, and other delicate items
MEDIUM BOX 18x18x16 $2.50 Medium boxes are the most popluar size and are perfect to use for packing books, larger dishes and glasses, and most other common household items
LARGE BOX 18x18x24 $3.50 These are typically used for things like lampshades, pillows, and linens. You can pack these with other items but should be conscious of weight when loading
EXTRA LARGE BOX 22x22x22 $4.50 XL boxes are usually used more towards the end of packing and easily handle larger linens and pillows and miscellaneous items that don’t fit anywhere else
DISH PACK BOX 18x18x28 $10.00 Although they can be used for dishes, we find that these extra heavy duty boxes are great in a variety of situations. They are twice as thick as our normal boxes and can be stacked on even with fragile contents.
MIRROR BOX UP TO $15.00 This is an adjustable size box that is commonly used for mirrors, artwork, large pictures, and small televisions. These are heavy duty and reusable
TV BOX UP TO 65″ TV $30.00 This is a larger version of our mirror box that will fit TV’s up to 65″ as well as large mirrors, artwork, and other heavy, flat items. These are stronger than most manufacturer boxes and built to travel or stay in long-term storage
WARDROBE BOX 24x20x46 $20.00 We offer standard size wardrobe boxes to make moving hanging clothes simple and efficient. We offer use of wardrobe boxes at no charge on the day of your move; if you’d like to keep them they are available for purchase and make changing out seasonal clothing and storage much easier
BULK CARDBOARD VARIES FREE We offer a variety of recycled cardboard size and thickness to our customers at no charge. We use this to skin out glass-faced furniture and wrap delicate items for transportation or storage
PACKING PAPER 25 LB $30.00 Pre-cut bulk newsprint in a manageable size that is simple to use when packing kitchens and items that need extra protection
3 PLY PAPER 24×36 $5 Heavy 3-ply paper specifically for packing kitchen and very fragile items. One sheet of this is roughly the equivilant of 6 regular sheets and extra protective for china and delicate items


2 INCH TAPE 2″x150′ $2.50 Small brown box tape in a tearable, hand-sized roll. This is a convenient size and weight to simply tear off and seal boxes quickly when packing
3 INCH TAPE 3″x 330′ $3.50 Our large roll of clear tape is typically used in conjuction with a tape dispenser and better for sealing larger/heavier items but is a little more time consuming
SMALL SHRINK 5″x 1000′ $5.00 Single hand sized stretch plastic is great for keeping doors and drawers closed when carrying and transporting. We also use this to bundle like items together and keep hardware with the corresponding furniture pieces
LARGE SHRINK 18″x1500′ $30.00 This is a larger heavier roll of stretch film and is used when you need to add extra protection to glass faced furnture, light color or delicate fabric furniture pieces, and to help hold portective cardboard and padding in place during loading and transportation
LRG MATTRESS BAG K/Q Sized $15.00 Sized to fit king and queen mattresses; this 6 mil heavy duty bag is perfect to keep your mattress clean, dry, and protected during transit or storage
SM MATTRESS BAG F/T Sized $15.00 Smaller sized mattress bags are made for smaller mattresses and box springs and can also be used for some smaller funture pieces
FLOOR COVERING ROLL $50 Static plastic film provides additional protection in wet or muddy conditions beyond the standard canvass or neoprene runners that are included with your move

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